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10 Best Cheap Fitness Trackers To Choose From

10 Best Cheap Fitness Trackers To Choose From

Fitness can be inexpensive

Considering the extent of fitness trackers flooding the market, it is not easy to get to that cheap fitness tracker. Fitness is a fad; almost everyone is on to it. What better way to flaunt your fitness mania than with cheap fitness trackers. The idea to try and have the best of both worlds. Set, track and evaluate your fitness goals and stay fit while not spending a bomb on the associated fitness trackers. The bottom line is to ensure that the objective is achieved. In other words flaunt your fitness much more than your fitness trackers.

So, there begins the quest for the best cheap fitness tracker! Before you start, get your pen and notepad ready. List down what you want from your fitness tracker including style, if so inclined. While most fitness trackers provide you the similar options of being able to monitor your steps, calories, sleep and other activities, a few go beyond and provide you some other functionalities as well.

With a ready reckoner to tick by, you are equipped to find the cheap, but good fitness trackers that can satisfy your needs.

 List Of The 10 Best Cheap Fitness Trackers:

1. Misfit Ray

Misfit Ray fitness tracker

It’s not a pun, but this Misfit is actually a perfect fit for your wrists and blends seamlessly along with any other accessory that you may be wearing.

Misfit Ray Activity Tracker was born as a result of a minimalist approach aimed at creating an unobtrusive fitness tracker that sits on your wrist.

Image Source: Misfit

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It looks slick, stylish and elegant and just right.It does not look like a fitness tracker and yet does the job.While the activities tracked are steps taken, distance, and calories burnt, it is also water resistant and can track few other activities like cycling, yoga, swimming and dancing. Apart from the tracking, it will also tell you how much more you need to do, to stay ahead and reach your daily goals. You can even compare your progress with others on social media. The data that is tracked is said to be highly accurate, especially on the sleep front. With all these features, the price is affordable, making it the best cheap fitness tracker in your range.

2. Withings Go

You may not just believe that it is possible to achieve minimal style and functionality packed into a cheap fitness tracker. But you will change your opinion when you see Withings Go, as it is priced unbelievably low. This activity tracker has been designed to ensure that it is easy to use and also fun to wear.

It features an Always-on E InkTM screen and comes with a battery lasting up to 8 months. It is a wonder that Withings Go has already been chosen for many design awards. It looks simple and yet provides a high amount of functionality with the help of the Health Mate app.

It helps track all activities like walking, running, swimming, sleeping etc. It also provides you with in-depth metrics to understand where you stand against your goals. This device is water resistant up to 50 meters, as well as sweat resistant. The food logging capability allows you to track your nutrition intake too. There are five color variants to choose from, to match your styles and moods.

3. Jawbone UP Move

 UP Fitness Tracker

The Jawbone UP Move is a cheap fitness tracker that can be clipped on to your clothing or worn on a wrist as you please. A high number of color combinations make it appealing to go for. The LED display shows you all information with respect to your fitness goals, on the go.

Image Source: Ozarks

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Activity tracking like walking, calories burnt as well as sleep tracking is enabled. The Smart Coach helps you like a personal trainer would, by helping you set goals, track, and measure them.

The food logging helps in keeping your nutrition count for the food intake. You can use the duel feature to challenge your family and friends to compete in reaching the set goals. It is splash resistant and the Bluetooth connectivity keeps you connected even when you are on the move. All this has been made available to you at an affordable pricing that makes it worth the while.

4. Fitbit Zip

Simple, yet beautiful, powerful yet discrete is what you get with Fitbit Zip. The activity tracker provides facility to count your steps, measure your calories burnt, the distance covered etc. It comes with a large tap display that makes it easy to read the information displayed.

Seamless, wireless syncing is enabled to leading smart phones and computers. It can be worn even by clipping it into your bra, so it need not be seen at all. The six months battery life is an added charm.

You can track all your fitness goals in one place and the information is also provided to you as graphs and trends. You can even invite your family and friends to be a part of your fitness journey, by challenging them to compete with you. Calorie intake is logged too, and workouts are recorded as well. Just to keep you motivated it also provides you badges for goals achieved.

5. Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine Fitness

Though not exactly cheap, Misfit Shine is still an affordable fitness tracker. It looks sleek and stylish, with aircraft-grade aluminum and sliver, giving it the attractive, gleaming, metallic look.

It can be stuck to your clothes or worn on your wrists with a band making it a flexible to use fitness tracker

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All the information is displayed on the screen and can be seen on a single tap. The display is powerful and yet subtle. It comes with a smart button that enables you to control connected household devices too.

Style meets substance in this beautifully crafted device, and it is also waterproof. A variety of activities also can be tracked with just a quick triple-tap. The app needs to be informed about the particular activity so it can be tracked and this is applicable even for sleeping. It comes with battery life that can last six months and is replaceable. Vibration alerts can be set for notifications of call, text, alarms, reminders etc.

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6. Moov Now

Like any other fitness tracker this one will not just track your activities, but true to its name, this one encourages you to move!! Along with the steps taken, it will also track your sleep automatically. Moov Now works with the single minded aim of making sure you move, making it a best cheap fitness tracker.

This device has been built with the intention of taking on the role of your personal trainer helping to plan, track and log, and evaluate your performance. It guides you, eggs you and keeps you on the go through voice activated instructions.

It is the perfect companion for your smart phone and all tracking is done with the help of the smart phone. If interested, you can even hook up to third party heart rate monitors. The honeycomb strap gives it a slightly different, yet appealing look and it is affordably priced too, making it a cheap fitness tracker.

7. Polar Loop 2

Polar Loop wristband tracks

If you are on the lookout for a comfortable, easily wearable and cheap fitness tracker, then you can opt for Polar Loop 2.

It is stylish in a way due to the shiny strips and functionality is maintained too.


Image Source: fitnessdigital

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It is waterproof up to 20m and can track a host of activities like steps taken, calories burnt etc. against targets. The battery backup lasts five days. Notification alerts can be set for incoming calls and texts through vibrations and the accompanying LED displays are sure to get noticed. There is a sedentary move alert and sleep patterns are automatically tracked.

Interestingly the daily activities are detected automatically and categorized into five different intensity levels. The user can enter information about self like age, gender, weight etc. for more accurate tracking. The wristband size is customizable and it is secured using a high-quality stainless steel buckle.

8. Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Simple, stylish and yet matching all the aspects to be listed as one of the best cheap fitness trackers, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 scores on all fronts. The fitness tracker helps track steps taken, distance travelled, remaining battery life etc., along with a heart rate monitor, as well as a sleep monitor. It will remind you to move when you become inactive and also provide you incoming call and text alerts.

This comes with a great OLED display, is IP67 certified and works with both Android as well as iOS apps. The silicone strap is anti-sweat and is available in variants of black, orange, green and blue colors. It is compatible with Google Fit too, and third party app notifications can be enabled as well. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is an efficient and yet cheap fitness tracker that can be your true fitness companion in the long run.

9. Archon Touch

Archon Touch Fitness

This simple and cheap fitness tracker comes with an OLED screen and wristbands available in six color choices.

The screen displays the date, time and the battery status and also allows a person to read through the pedometer information, like steps taken, distance covered, calories burnt etc.

Image Source: pricetory

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Style is maintained even while they have assured that functionality does not suffer.The battery backup lasts up to 6 days depending on the usage and there is also a low battery alert. It is IP67 water resistant and can be used along with your Android or iOS smart phone along with Bluetooth. The companion app can be downloaded freely from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

It even tracks your sleep and provides you various metrics to monitor and analyze your performance on the fitness quotient. All incoming alert notifications are displayed on the screen. It rewards you for goals achieved, to keep you motivated, and the data accuracy is as good as any out there. With all this, the Archon Touch is highly affordable and can be called a cheap fitness tracker.

10. Misfit Flash

Like most other Misfit offerings, the Misfit Flash too is a good and yet cheap fitness tracker. It can be worn anywhere and helps in tracking your daily activities like steps taken, distance, calories as well as sleep.

It is available in many different color variations and the six months battery life is one of the best around. It syncs with the app and is easy to use. It is made of plastic and is most likely to appeal to the younger crowd as a Christmas present.

Misfit Flash can also track your other activities like exercising, running, swimming, walking and cycling as well as sports like tennis and basketball. This is a cleverly designed adept and versatile fitness tracker that was meant to be cheap. Though they have met their objectives not much has been sacrificed on the functionality. Overall, you get a fantastic cheap fitness tracker at an unbelievable price.

The verdict

With fitness trackers, the price cannot be the only consideration. Many factors have to be taken into account in order to decide on which one to go for. What suits one individual may not suit another, as each one’s fitness needs are different as well. Fitness training and tracking can be highly personalized. This is the reason why most fitness trackers come with a multitude of features that allow personalization.

It is important to understand one’s own needs and find what suits those needs best. With this list you know that you have all sorts that can accommodate any budget.

Depending on our individual choice, these features can be compared to the options available and the budget at hand. The above list is a subset of the best cheap fitness trackers that are available in the market to choose from. Each of them satisfies a few needs of the fitness aspect, while still managing to be called affordable!


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