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10 Best Cheap Fitness Trackers To Choose From

10 Best Cheap Fitness Trackers To Choose From
(Last Updated On: September 13, 2017)

Fitness Can Be Inexpensive

Are you looking for the best cheap fitness trackers? This is your page.

More and more people have adopted a more active lifestyle. This trend has given rise to an increase in fitness accessories.

The idea is simple. You need a gadget that will set, track, and evaluate your exercise goals, without costing a small fortune.

And so begins your quest for a cheap fitness tracker! We’re here to help, as always.

 List Of The 10 Best Cheap Fitness Trackers:

1. Misfit Ray

Misfit Ray fitness tracker

Image Source: Misfit

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Trust us: it’s just a clever name! Misfit is known for fitness trackers that fit your wrist perfectly.

The Misfit Ray goes a step further, blending seamlessly with any other accessories you wear. Its design evinces a minimalist approach to providing unobtrusive fitness gear. Slick and stylish, is may not look like much of a tracker – but boy, does it do the job!

Count your steps, measure your distance, and keep track of the calories you’re burning. You’ll also be able to monitor cycling, yoga, dancing, and swimming. All data is 100% accurate, 100% of the time. The Mistfit Ray will also encourage you to meet your personal goals.

Up for some friendly competition? Compare your progress on social media with ease!

At this price, it’s definitely the best cheap fitness tracker on the market.

2. Withings Go

Image Source: Amazon

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It doesn’t get much more minimalist than this.

With a design that cuts out unnecessary add-ons, the Withings Go is certainly a stylish fitness tracker. The Always-On E InkTM screen is powered by an 8-month battery life. This is where you’ll be viewing your activity logs, which include tracking for walking, running, and swimming.

Its in-depth metric output is also easy to understand. Thanks to the Health Mate app, you’ll also be able to monitor your nutrition intake. Water resistant up to 50 meters and sweat resistant, it’s a wonder it’s so cheap!

Withings Go has been chosen for many design awards, and it’s easy to see why. With five color variants, you’re sure to find one to match your style – and your budget.

3. Jawbone UP Move


 UP Fitness Tracker

Image Source: Ozarks

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Jawbone UP Move is a cheap and versatile fitness tracker that can be worn in a number of ways. Clip it around your wrist or onto your clothing – whatever takes your fancy!

The Smart Coash features acts as a personal trainer, which tracking your activities, sleep, and nutrition intake. Everything is displayed on a discreet LED display.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, you can stay in touch with your notifications on the move. You can also use the duel feature to introduce some friendly competition.

4. Fitbit Zip

Image Source: Amazon

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Simple, powerful, beautiful, and discrete. The Fitbit Zip is a cheap fitness tracker that effortlessly ticks all the right boxes.

The large tap display makes it easy to view your activity reports, which include a calorie counter and distance measurement. These metrics are presented in the forms of graphs and trends.

Wireless syncing allows you to connect to your smart phone or computer. It also lets you invite friends and family for some healthy competition.

And just to help you stay motivated, the Fitbit Zip awards badges every time you reach one of your goals.

5. Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine Fitness

Image Source: Amazon

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Built with aircraft-grade aluminum and silver, the Misfit Shine certainly isn’t the cheapest fitness tracker on our list. But it’s still surprisingly affordable.

Give it three short taps to activate the tracker, and away you go! A variety of activities can be tracked, and one quick tap will display your results.

With a replaceable six-month battery and vibration alerts, you’ll be the envy of all your fitness partners. The smart button allows you to control connected devices remotely.

Boasting an attractive design, you can be sure the Misfit Shine is a stylistic choice that won’t break your bank.

6. Moov Now

Image Source: Amazon

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True to its name, the Moov Now won’t only track your activities, but also encourages you to move.

The accessory is built to be your personal trainer. It helps you plan, log, and evaluate your performance, with voice activated instructions. Moov Now can also be connected to your smart phone, which allows you to incorporate third party heart rate monitors.

With a unique honeycomb strap, this cheap fitness tracker is one for style.

7. Polar Loop 2

Polar Loop wristband tracks

Image Source: fitnessdigital

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On the lookout for a comfortable, cheap fitness tracker? The Polar Loop 2 is just what you’re looking for.

Waterproof up to 20m, it automatically detects daily activities, categorizing them between five intensity levels. You can enter personal information such as age, gender, and weight for more accurate tracking.

With notification alerts, LED display, and adjustable wristband, you’re sure to be happy with this accessory.

8. Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Image Source: Amazon

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Simple, stylish, and functional: the Xiamoi Mi Band 2 scores on all fronts.

The fitness tracker monitors steps, distance, heart rate, and sleep. Similar to the Moov Now, it also has a sedentary alarm.

Compatible with both Android and iOS, you can customize your apps and receive incoming notifications. The OLED display, IP67 waterproof certification, and anti-sweat silicone strap wrap up the package.

9. Archon Touch

Archon Touch Fitness

Image Source: pricetory

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This simple fitness tracker comes with an OLED screen and wristbands available in six colors.

The screen displays the date, time and the battery status. You’ll be able to read the pedometer’s output with ease, discovering your activity reports. Receive rewards when you reach your goals, and stay motivated.

IP67 water resistant, the Archon Touch also boasts a 6-day battery life. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can also connect to your Android or iOS smart phone.

Stylish? Yes!

Functional? Yes!

Affordable? Absolutely!

10. Misfit Flash

Image Source: Amazon

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True to Misfit’s reputation, the Misfit Flash is a quality fitness tracker.

With a 6-month battery life and an array of color variations, it’s both functional and stylish. Track all your exercise activities with ease, as well as your calories and sleep cycle.

Overall, the Misfit flash is an adept design available for an unbelievably cheap price.

A Final Word

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a fitness tracker, and price is one of them. The trick is to find one that meets your personal needs without sacrificing functionality.

When you throw budget into the mix, it gets a little trickier. Hopefully we’ve helped you find the best cheap fitness tracker for you!

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