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7 Best Fitness Trackers For Cycling Enthusiasts

7 Best Fitness Trackers For Cycling Enthusiasts
(Last Updated On: September 21, 2017)

Looking for the best fitness tracker for cycling? Read on! While most fitness trackers can be used for an array of activities, there are some designed specifically for cycling. There’s the cycling computer, ankle tracker, power pedals, and smart watches.

With so many options, it can be difficult to decide. For this reason, we present our list of the 7 best trackers for cycling.

1. Garmin Edge 1000

fitness trackers for cycling

Image Source: Garmin

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Garmin’s flagship, the Edge 1000 is acclaimed as one of the best cycling trackers ever made.

The 3″ glove friendly touch screen display affords clarity even in the dim morning light. You’ll never get lost in unfamiliar territory either, thanks to the integrated GPS! Garmin Edge 1000 even allows you to create and edit routes. With a battery life of 15 hours, you can track yourself while performing a marathon without worrying about your device dying on you!

Hitting a lot of puddles? Or has the weather taken a turn, and it’s starting to rain? Don’t worry! With the Garmin 1000, you’ve got a premium waterproof cycling computer.

Want to pair your tracker with ANT+ and the Garmin Vector 2S? Or sync your data automatically with your smart phone? The Edge 1000 allows you do all that and more!

2. Garmin Edge 520

fitness trackers for cycling

Image Source: Garmin

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Another great offering by Garming, the Edge 520 is one of the most popular fitness trackers for cyclists.

Program your cycling route into the GPS and have your metrics automatically recorded. Thanks to the barometric altimeter functions, you’ll be tracking more than just your time, speed, and distance. The Edge 520 also displays results for VO2max and functional threshold power (FTP).

Pair your Edge 520 with a power meter, and ANT+ for HRM data.

3. Moov Now

fitness trackers for cycling

Image Source: Moov

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Moov is another popular fitness tracker designer, and the Moov Now shows us why.

The flexible design allows you to strap it onto your wrist or your ankle – whichever you prefer! With a 9-axis motion sensor, it’ll record the exact number of turns your wheels make!

Providing a host of functions, you won’t only be limited to cycling with the Moov Now, making it ideal for triathletes too. There are various fitness plans and features, inspiring improvement at every turn.

4. Fitbit Surge

fitness trackers for cycling

Image Source: Fitbit

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Fitbit is largely considered the leader in fitness accessories. Their Fitbit Surge is a smart watch tracker with a stylish design and an array of features.

While the GPS records your route, PurePulse will monitor your heart rate for you. Generate an instant report at the end of your ride to see how many calories you’ve burned too. The Fitbit Surge makes it ridiculously easy to see where you need improvement.

Compatible with Android and iOS, the Surge also allows you to plan your activities before hand. With an impressive battery life, it’s easily one of the best fitness trackers for cycling.

5. Polar V650

fitness trackers for cycling

Image Source: Polar

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Considered a favorite among cycling enthusiasts, the Polar V650 is an impressive bike computer.

The 2.8″ touch screen makes monitoring your training data easy, even at high speeds. Misty mornings won’t be a problem either, thanks to the bright display.

You can pair it with the Polar Look Keo Power Essential pedals via Bluetooth for additional features. With or without the power pedals though, you’re sure to get detailed statistics and valuable training tips!

6. Garmin Vivoactive Fitness Watch

best fitness trackers for cycling

Image Source: Garmin

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Garmin make yet another appearance on our list, with the Vivoactive Fitness Watch.

When in tracking mode, the battery will last up to 8 days. Without needing additional straps, you can also monitor your heart rate around the clock.

The design is very well thought-out, making it ideal for cyclists and other sports activities alike. Triathlon, here you come!

7. Powertap P1

best fitness trackers for cycling

Image Source: PowerTap

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It wouldn’t be fair not to mention a power pedal on our list, and the PowerTap P1 is perfect.

Perhaps better suited for advanced and professional cyclists, power pedals are considered the ultimate performance tracker. With the Powertap P1 Pedals function, you’ll discover exactly how much power you generate. This allows you to quickly discover whether your technique (and even your bike) is optimal for your body type.

The PowerTap P1 is a fantastic addition to smart watch fitness trackers and cycling computers. Professionals especially will find it a great buy!

To Conclude

We never claim to list every single fantastic tracking device. Our aim is only to narrow your search down to what we consider the best of the best.

Do you have a cycling tracker that you think should have made the list? Tell us in the comment section below – we love hearing from our readers!

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