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Fixing The Error: Fitbit Not Counting Steps Correctly

Fixing The Error: Fitbit Not Counting Steps Correctly
(Last Updated On: September 13, 2017)

In 2007, Fitbit’s founders set out with a vision: to inspire and empower everyone to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. With this in mind, they designed a range of wearable devices that allow you to track the way you exercise.

Today, Fitbit is one of the most popular sports accessories developers in the world. Everywhere you look, you can find their discreet, stylish gadgets on wrists and necks. Gadgets that are helping users improve their health and raise their fitness levels, the smart way.

Mission accomplished!

Well, mostly.

Like all technological innovations, fitness accessories are susceptible to flaws from time to time.

One such error is Fitbit not counting steps correctly. Yesterday there were no issues, but today you notice a bug!

We took a look into what’s causing the issue, and what you can do to fix it.

Why is Fitbit not tracking steps correctly?

Steps not tracking

There are two basic reasons for your Fitbit not counting steps correctly.

It’s not all too uncommon for your battery to be only loosely connected at the terminals, especially with prolonged use. This has a few possible outcomes:

  1. Your Fitbit screen goes blank.
  2. The device fails to track any steps.
  3. A reduced count is displayed.

The other issue is just as common, and has to do with software failing to sync properly.

Fixing the error:

fitbit one is not tracking

Let us now explore ways of fixing the error: Fitbit Not Counting Steps Correctly

We’re not claiming to have every solution available, but we’ve singled out the three most noteworthy options for you.

1.  Reset Fitbit

The first thing you should try doing is to reset your Fitbit.

This is a general solution that should fix most of the common issues, such as your tracker not responding or syncing. It’s a simple solution that works – just follow these four easy steps:

  1. Plug your charging cable into the USB port and connect your Fitbit
  2. Press the app’s reset button
  3. Select ‘add a new device’
  4. Take a short walk and see if the error persists!

2. Inspect The Battery Connection

If your Fitbit is giving you any issues, it’s a good idea to ensure your battery is connecting to the contact points correctly, by following these five steps:

  1. Remove the battery
  2. Using a small screwdriver, carefully adjust the charging spring
  3. Make sure the bottom spring is properly aligned with the white line inside the battery casing
  4. Clean the terminals with an earbud dipped in alchohol or spirits
  5. Allow the alcohol or spirits to evaporate before inserting the battery again.

3. Wear The Fitbit Correctly

The third and final solution is good practice, whether your Fitbit is acting up or not: make sure you’re wearing your device correctly.

The Fitbit uses a number of sensors to track your movement by monitoring the nerves on your hands. It’s been proven that the wrist-based technology is more accurate than clip-based ones. Fitbit uses the most advance sensors available for all their products to prevent connectivity issues. The gadgets are put through multiple tests under various conditions.

But, despite such thorough quality control measures, no technology is entirely fail safe. The way you handle your product goes a long way to ensuring that these errors are kept to a minimum. Your accessory should be making proper contact with your wrist, otherwise the Fitbit is almost certain to display the wrong data.

“Proper contact” entails that your Fitbit is neither too loose nor too tight. The band should be sitting lightly, but firmly, against your skin. This way, the sensors will be able to pick up on the vibrations from your nervous system, allowing your Fitbit to function optimally.

Problem solved!

Or at least, it should be.

Our three solutions should ideally resolve the issue of your Fitbit not counting steps correctly, but we can’t guarantee it. If the problem persists after following our suggestions above, it’s likely an issue outside of this article’s scope.

In such a case, it would be best to contact the Fitbit support team. The community forum can also be useful.

Quote The Fitbit Support Team

Fitbit trackers have a finely tuned algorithm for step counting. The algorithm is designed to look for intensity and motion patterns that are most indicative of people walking and running. For the vast majority of customers, the amount of stray steps accumulated is negligible when compared to the entire day.

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