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How To Change The Time On A Fitbit?

How To Change The Time On A Fitbit?

Fitbit is a brilliant and an interesting example of the technology scene today. Fitbit is a wristwatch lookalike device that keeps track of your physical movements to help you lead a healthy and a fitter life. With Fitbit, you can make healthy goals and easily keep track of those. The Fitbit device track all your activity like meals, goals, etc. the device helps to lose weight and keep track your fitness.  As mentioned, Change the Time on a Fitbit is almost like a wristwatch and can be used to check the time as well! This excellent device comes in various shapes and sizes, from sleek, modern devices too large ones, but how to change the time on a Fitbit? Don’t worry, it’s easy-peasy and can be done without any hassle.

How do you change the time on Fitbit?

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When there is a loss of battery life, or when you completely shut down the device, there is a difference in time when you switch it back on. So, how to change the time on a Fitbit? You need to sync your device to display the right time.

What is syncing?

Your tracker transfers all the data, i.e., your physical activities and your sleep time to the Fitbit dashboard, a place where you can keep track of all your activities. So, syncing is the process in which your tracker transfers all the data to the Fitbit dashboard. The device comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology that will sync your data with the respective mobile devices and computers. The method is extremely useful as it helps you to keep the right track of all your activities on all the electronic devices you use.

How can you set up your tracker?

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You need to set up your tracker before you start using the device. You must pair the Fitbit device with your phone, computer or a tablet. When the device has completed the pairing process, the syncing takes place (transfer of data), and you can also find all the statistics on the Fitbit dashboard.

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Setting up the tracker on your phone or tablet

  1. Before you proceed, check if your device is compatible by logging in to http://www.Fitbit.com/devices.
  2. Download the Fitbit App.
  3. After installation of the Fitbit App, open it and select ‘join Fitbit’ to get going. You will have to create an account, and the process of pairing your device with the phone or tablet takes place.

Setting up the tracker on your computer

  1. If you are using Windows 10, then go to the windows store and download the Fitbit app. Once the app is been installed successfully on your system, create your account and let the pairing begin wirelessly with the help of Bluetooth. If your computer doesn’t support Bluetooth, or if it isn’t working then use the USB dongle that came with your tracker.

When your phone isn’t compatible, and you are using Windows 8.1 or below

  1. Insert the wireless dongle that came along with your device, to the computer.
  2. Download the Fitbit App.
  3. Set up the device
  4. Follow the instructions given, to the point for a successful installation.

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When will the device sync?

If you or someone who has synced the device to the mobile app, then each time you open the app, it syncs. You can also turn on the option ‘all-day sync’, that will keep syncing the device at regular intervals throughout the day.

If you have paired your device with your computer, then, automatically the syncing takes place every 15 minutes to 30 minutes only when the tracker is close by, and the dongle is plugged in.

One can also sync their tracker from the Fitbit dashboard.

How often should one sync their device?

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It is not necessary that you should sync your device every day. Your Fitbit tracker stores every minute detail up to seven days. If you use Fitbit Alta, then it is up to five days, and if you use Fitbit Surge, then it will store 35 hours of the GPS data before deleting it to make space for the next round of data. Syncing your data with multiple devices is possible. Just make sure you first check the compatibility of the instrument, before proceeding. And if you are using multiple trackers then you can sync all the data into one account, and you can easily track it on your dashboard.

So, when you need to change the time on the Fitbit, if you are using the mobile app, then sync your device and the time will be the same as it shows on your mobile phone or tablet.  If you are using the dongle (if you lose it, it is readily available, so don’t fret), then sync it with your tracker, and it will pick up the same time as the computer. This is the only thing when it comes to setting or changing the time.

If you are unable to sync your tracker to the device of your choice, then it must be because of the poor Bluetooth connection and if not then try updating your mobile software.

When syncing doesn’t work, follow the below steps to change the time on your Fitbit

  1. Log out of your Fitbit app.
  2. Shut down the app
  3. Restart your tracker
  4. Turn your Bluetooth off
  5. Now restart the mobile phone
  6. Turn on your Bluetooth
  7. Log in to your Fitbit account
  8. Sync

NOTE: If, despite syncing, you see that the time displayed is still incorrect, make sure the time zone setting in the app is correct.

In case, if you want to change the time format from 12 hours to 24 hours or vice versa, log in to your Fitbit dashboard. Go to settings. Select personal Info. Once there, choose advanced settings and find the clock display time and select your preferred format. Finally, click the submit option.  




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