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How To Delete Friends On Fitbit?

How To Delete Friends On Fitbit?

A Fitbit is a wireless device that helps you keep track of all your physical activities for a fitter you. You can input your activities, meal plans, sleep etc., through their website for a better health management and if you are someone who is trying to lose weight, it is a boon. So, all the proud Fitbit owners are a part of a Fitbit community, a place where you find like minded people, people who are extremely health conscious. This community not only helps you stay fit, as the name suggests, but helps you make new friends as well. Sometimes, even though we do not want to become friends with some people, knowingly or unknowingly we end up being that reluctant friend. But that is simply unnecessary.

Why remove friends from Fitbit?

So, why will one feel the need to remove someone from a health-conscious site? There can be a number of reasons. As stated earlier, sometimes when you are browsing through a new website, it just so happens that you accidently click something and the next thing you know, you are friends with a random stranger. And there is no obligation there. So, when you find these completely unknown people on your list, go ahead and delete these ‘friends’ from your Fitbit.

How to delete friends

Apart from this, you might also feel the need to remove your friends from the device, because you just do not want them there, monitoring your progress! Maybe, you are someone who is trying to lose or gain weight and until you reach your goal, you feel a little hesitant to share the same. And that is completely understandable.  Finally, of course, when someone creeps you out or starts bothering you, it is best to simply remove them from your circle. So, how to delete friends on Fitbit? Relax, we have your back. We will tell you exactly, how to remove friends from Fitbit.

1. Once you log in to the Fitbit community, go to that friend’s profile, whom you want to delete from your Fitbit friend list. Click on their username, once you do that you can see an option called ‘unfriend’. Select this option to delete friends on Fitbit. If you are worried that the friend will realize that you have unfriended him or her, then fret not. They will not get any notification regarding this and they will only come to know when they try to find you on their friend list. Once you have unfriended a user, the tile turns pink. So, pink is good. This means that the user is no longer your friend. After this, that particular user will not be able to see your data, updates, pictures etc.

Delete multiple friends

2. If you want to delete multiple friends from your friend list then it might become a little time consuming as you can only delete one friend at a time. There is no option that helps you delete multiple friends from Fitbit, in one go!

3. If you are using the app on your phone and want to get rid of that unwanted friend directly from the app, then launch the app and click on that friend’s name. Once you do that, you will notice that 3 little circles appear in the upper right corner of your screen. Click on those rings. When you do that, you get a pop up saying, ‘remove friend’. Click on the ‘remove friend’ option and you are done.

delete friend request

4. For Windows 10 phones – The first step in deleting the unnecessary people from your friend list is to launch the application on your phone. Swipe either side to access your friend list. Select the friend you want to remove from the list. Once you do that, you will see an icon at the bottom right corner of your screen- a few dots in a line; click this button (this is the more button). Now, you can see an option that says, ‘delete friend’, select ‘OK’ to remove this friend from your Fitbit account.

5. For iPad/iPhone- Launch the app on your phone or tablet. Once you do, you will see an option saying ‘friends’ at the bottom right corner of your screen, select the option. Now, click on the friend you wish to remove from your friend’s circle. After you selected that particular friend, you will see a menu button on the top right corner of your screen- a straight line with 3 dots, you will see the option ‘remove friend’ choose and click ‘OK’.

friends in Fitbit

6. For android – Launch the app on your phone. Once inside the app, you will see a menu bar on the upper left corner of your screen- 3 horizontal lines. One of the options in the menu is friends, click on that. Now, click on the friend you want to delete from your Fitbit. Once you select that friend, on the upper right corner you will find the more button- a line made of 3 dots, click on that. It will show you the option ‘remove friend’, select the same and then tap ‘OK’, to easily delete friends on Fitbit.

7. Sometimes, it so happens that, even after all the instructions you might have trouble removing people from your friend list. When this happens, don’t panic, just get in touch with the Fitbit support team and they will guide you through it. For more details you can

visit: http://help.Fitbit.com/?l=en_US&cu=1&fs=ContactUs.

8. If you feel that even after unfriending, that person is annoying you or bothering you, you can go ahead and block him/ her. To block a user, first launch the app and select the name of the person whom you want to block. On the upper right corner of your screen, you will notice a dotted line, tap that. You will see the option ‘block user’. Click ‘Ok’ and you are done. But remember, even after you block them from your end they will still appear on all the group challenges and both of you will be able to see each other’s messages on the same.


These, then, are the various options that answers your query of how to remove friends from Fitbit! We have covered the process for various devices and you would definitely have found an option for yours! 







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