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How To Delete Friends On Fitbit?

How To Delete Friends On Fitbit?
(Last Updated On: June 24, 2017)

Fitbit is the leading producer of fitness accessories in the world.

Their fitness trackers are exemplary devices, allowing information input and output. When used in conjunctions with their website, the possibilities are endless!

One of the many unique features of Fitbit products is the ability to connect with other Fitbit users. Invite your friends and family, or make new friends, as part of the Fitbit community.

Why remove friends from Fitbit?

You may find yourself a reluctant Fitbit friend with someone you don’t really want to connect with.

Maybe you accidentally added a complete stranger when browsing through the website. This happens more often than you think!

You shouldn’t feel obliged to remain Fitbit friends with anyone. Whether you know the person or not, if you don’t want to connect with them, you shouldn’t have to.

Or maybe you’re trying to lose weight, and you don’t want everyone you do know to see your goals and progress on Fitbit. There’s no shame in being private about such things.

So if you notice unknown or unwanted friends on your list, don’t feel bad about removing them. We’ll show you how.

How to delete friends

Option 1

Login to Fitbit Community. Navigate to your friend list, find your unwanted friend’s profile, and click on their username.

You’ll now see an option to ‘unfriend’ them. After you’ve clicked on that option, their user tile will turn pink to show that you’re no longer friends.

Don’t worry – they won’t get any notifications about having been deleted as your friend! But more importantly, they won’t be able to see your data, updates, or pictures anymore either.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to delete multiple friends in one go. You’ll have to repeat this process for each unwanted friend, which can be a little time consuming.

Delete multiple friends

Option 2

If you’re using the smart phone app, launch the app and click on your unwanted friend’s name.

You’ll notice three little circles appear in the upper right corner (see image below). Click there, and you’ll get a pop up saying ‘remove friend’.

Select the option, and there you have it!

delete friend request

Windows 10 Smart Phones

Launch the app and swipe to access your friend list. Select the unwanted friend, and look for the three dots at the bottom right of your screen.

This is the ‘more’ button, and you’ll find the ‘delete friend’ option here.


Open the Fitbit app and look for the ‘friends’ option at the bottom right.

Scroll until you find the unwanted friend on the list and select. There’s a menu button on the top right, where you can opt to remove them.

friends in Fitbit


The Android App has a menu bar on the upper left corner (three horizontal lines). Your friend list can be found there.

Find your unwanted friend and select their profile. On the upper right corner, you’ll find three dots. This will give you the option to remove your Fitbit friend.


How to block someone

If someone you’ve unfriended is annoying or bothering you on the Fitbit community, you also have the option of blocking him/her.

Launch the app and select this person’s name. After clicking the menu button, you’ll find an option to block them.

Do bear in mind that if you participate in group challenges, you’ll still see each other’s messages there.


Need more help?

Sometimes, following these instructions won’t work. If that is the case, don’t panic! It just means the app is acting up.

Simply contact the Fitbit support team, and they’ll take things further for you.

7. Sometimes, it so happens that, even after all the instructions you might have trouble removing people from your friend list. When this happens, don’t panic, just get in touch with the Fitbit support team and they will guide you through it.


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