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10 Trendy And Best Fitness Trackers For Women

10 Trendy And Best Fitness Trackers For Women
(Last Updated On: July 23, 2017)

Best Fitness Trackers For Women: Marrying Fitness With Style

Are you a healthy (and health-conscious) woman on the lookout for the best available fitness trackers? Or perhaps you’re looking for a trendy gift for the special lady in your life to show your support?

It’s a well-known fact that women are just as conscious about fitness as men are. But women also have a desire for accessories that exhibit a feminine touch. This is especially true of fitness gear.

If it’s for women, the feminine touch is a paramount feature that should be incorporated to allow women to couple fashion and fitness with ease, encouraging and promoting their graceful charm.

This is why there are now a number of fitness trackers designed specifically for women. The basic idea underlying these designs is to retain function while catering to stylistic needs.

Whatever your reason for hunting down the best fitness tracker for women, we’ve got you covered.

1. Up2 by Jawbone

UP2 by Jawbone

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The  Jawbone UP2 combines beautiful aesthetics with performance so well it looks easy.

The Smart Coach feature offers personalized fitness advice to compliment the activity tracker. Because health goals should incorporate a healthy diet, the UP app also provides food logging. None of your efforts will display results without enough sleep though, which is where the sleep tracker comes into play.

Jawbone also understands that it’s easy to stay still for too long, especially with an office job. This is why they’ve included an idle alert to get you moving. You can also set motivational challenges which act as encouragement. With powerful proprietary algorithms, you’ll be tracking your activities with ease!

Encased in medical-grade hypoallergenic rubber, the Jawbone Up2 is rain, splash, and sweat resistant. With a smooth, latex-free finish, the flexible build is incredibly comfortable. Thanks to its advanced Bluetooth capabilities, you’ll also be able to sync with your smart phone and social networks.

2. Bellabeat Leaf

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Just when you thought you’d seen it all, the Bellabeat Leaf arrived.

It’s truly the definition of beauty coupled with technology. Thanks to the aesthetic design, you’ll be able to wear it as a necklace pendant, bracelet, or even a brooch! This is, in fact, smart jewelry like no other.

This fitness tracker for women is incredibly functional. You can track your activities, sleep, and even your stress levels. Other admirable features include guided meditations and a menstrual cycle tracker.

The Bellabeat Leaf is also surprisingly affordable, adding to it’s already astounding attractiveness.

3. Fitbit Flex with Tory Burch

 Burch Fitbit Unboxing

Image Source: Fitbit

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Fitbit is a pioneer company in health and fitness products, and this iconic tracker lives up to their reputation.

It’s quite a slim band, with a removable tracker that can be fitted to pendants and bangles, but don’t let that fool you. The Fitbit Flez is swim proof, and offers all-day activity tracking. You’ll also enjoy the automatic sleep tracker.

The notifications feature incorporates the LED display and vibrations. Whether you’re getting a call or a text, you’ll be sure not to miss important correspondence! The discreet display also uses color-coding.

With a battery life of up to five days, it’s incredibly light – only 0.83 oz. Coupled with a range of Tory Burch bracelet, it’s also undeniably stylish.

4. Withings Activité

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If we say “watch”, you’ll probably think “Switzerland”.

That’s because Switzerland is world-famous for their watches. Withings Activité is an ultra-stylish offering with a French design, incorporating sapphire and stainless steel.

It certainly looks, feels, and performs like a luxury accessory. But it’s also a highly functional fitness tracker!

Features include sleep tracking and a step counter. Being waterproof, you’ll also be able to monitor your swimming activity. The Health Mate app uses easy to read graphs for analysis. To help with motivation, it even awards badges when you meet your goals.

If you believe in friendly competition, challenge your friends and family. Withings Activité will also help you stay hydrated and well-rested with reminders.

Being time zone smart, you won’t have to fiddle to reset the time, ever. Thanks to the minimalist design and 9 different looks, it’s sure to provide maximum style and efficiency.

5. Misfit Swarovski Shine Collection

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Misfit are known for quality fitness trackers, and their Swarovski Shine collection is no exception.

Dominated by a large Swarovski crystal, it’s also the first solar-powered wearable. And the crystal isn’t just for show either – it refracts light for efficient energy harvesting.

Keeping track of steps, calories, and distance is just the tip of the iceberg.

6. Pivotal Living

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One of the cheaper options, the Pivotal Living fitness tracker for woman still offers style and innovation. Designed for highly health conscious women, it boasts a sleek and appealing aesthetic.

The complimentary mobile app allows you to set personal goals and provides automated coaching. Motivational tips and detailed reports are also available, synced with your smart phone for ease of analysis.

7. Lumo Lift

Lumo Lift for iOS

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Lumo Lift stands out as a fitness tracker for woman thanks to one distinctive feature.

Posture coach.

As the name suggests, posture coach will help improve your posture, with noticeable results guaranteed in just 14 days. In order for this feature to work, you’ll have to wear the Lumo Lift near the collarbone. To make this easier, the gadget comes with a variety of clasps.

The traditional fitness features are present too, of course. Compatible with bother Android and iOS, you’ll be able to analyze your results with ease.

8. Jonathan Adler and Garmin

Image Source: jonathanadler.com

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Are you a fun loving woman who enjoys a colorful life? The Jonathan Adler and Garmin Vivofit fitness tracker is just for you.

You can wear them literally everywhere, and will have access to interchangeable bands. With a one year battery life and a host of fitness tracking capabilities, you’ll never miss a step. The backlit display also allows you to check the time in the dark.

For those fun loving women who enjoy a colorful life, the Jonathan Adler collection Garmin watches for the Vívofit family of activity trackers is a good bet. These are designed to suit your tastes and style and also helps with your fitness quotient.

Vivofit’s collaboration with Jonathan Adler results in luxurious style and unmatched craftsmanship.

9. Amazfit

GPS fitness tracking

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Amazfit is one of the slimmest, most lightweight fitness trackers for women available. It’s elegant, ceramic design also makes it suitable for any and all occasions.

Tracking your sleep, steps, distance, and calories make it highly functional too. Amazfit will even give you incoming call and text notifications!

10. Samsung Charm

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Hailed as a lifestyle band, the Samsung Charm is a surprisingly functional fitness tracker – despite looking more like a piece of jewelry!

Designed to be used with the Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Edge, you’ll receive notification alerts. You’ll also be able to view your activity tracking reports on your smart phone via Bluetooth. These include your number of steps, distance covered, and calories burnt.

With a 14-day battery life and three color variations, it’s certainly designed with women in mind!


In conclusion:

There are a lot of options out there, but we hope our list has helped narrow down your search.

However, choosing a stylish AND effective fitness tracker is still a highly individual choice. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

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